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CDMNext is a comprehensive web-based tool that allows users easy access to CEIC’s databases to create quick and insightful analyses. CEIC Data is best in class databases deliver the most accurate and timely economic, sector and financial data from around the globe. Including Worldtrend Database, Global Database, Brazil Premium Database, China Premium Database, India Premium Database, Indonesia Premium Database, Russia Premium Database, and Sector Database. The platform makes it easy for you to uncover data trends and insights. Users can leverage advanced visualization tools, easily download series and extract data to Excel with just a few simple steps.

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  • India Premium Database
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Remarks: All MPI Library users may access to the most complete set of economic data in CEIC Data by login as a GUEST user. REGISTER your own account to enable the core features in collaboration and data alerting. Access is limited to 5 concurrent users. Be considerate, please LOG OUT after use to avoid affecting others' rights.