Book Exhibition III

Umberto Eco Memorial Exhibition

15/10/2016 - 14/02/2017
Library, 2nd Floor, Wui Chi Building, MPI

Umberto Eco, (born January 5, 1932, Alessandria, Italy—died February 19, 2016, Milan), Italian literary critic, novelist, philosopher, esthetician, and semiotician. He is best known for his novel Il nome della rosa (1980; The Name of the Rose). The novel was completed at the age of 48, published since 1980. Winner of the Strega liberary award in 1981 and adapted for the screen in 1986 by the director Jean-Jacques Annaud with Sean Connery starring in it. The novel has been translated into 47 languages and has sold 30 million throughout the world.

Mourning the loss of Italian author and philosopher Umberto Eco,the MPI Library is honoured to exhibit the work of Umberto Eco. We hope that you will enjoy his wonderful literary works.

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